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The Ankh

spring time
Always makes me
Feel a little
Like a small bubble
And I am
Going to
Pop pop
And everything
Inside will be
exposed to the
big Heat of the          Universe

Come on and
          Tell me what it felt like when

I died in your heart that
Day I hurt you so so bad
Because i have been feeling

A little bit                  low these days and
I want to
COmpare notes


Nazareth was

My only bedtime
           And you and John and Smith
made a book that said
That we were
Their brothers
           And put us
In happy chains and
                     Made us

Little feather hats
And told us we were
Explorers just like them

            When really we were the

Chickens we
Bock bock we

They               told us our women were

            So exotic mm yessss they are
So brown like sweet


            And our men were
Cowards and

            Good for carrying 

Tea tea tea tea tea tea tea tea tea



            How can I tell you the songs of

Ten thousand years when

            The classrooms are
Void of my brothers and sisters of
                      Darkened tone and i am alone and they say

that the fire under my toes
                      Is a little too extreme

Well tell me

                                    Have you
Were you
           Born in a fire do you know what it was like

To do your truth, say your truth, and think your truth
Because I was

Branded and burned and slashed and my bedtime stories

                        Were of men before me who

                                                Liberated the children of

Israel and
Babylonia was ours to

                        Reprimand for

 and we

                                    Lived in harmony we children of ten thousand

Colors who you call the Orient Orientals Brown Black

            Moors and Negroes and Towel Heads and Camel Shit

Tell me then that my words
                      Are too

Much that my words are

                        Extreme that my words are


I’m sorry I’m so sorry do you see me I am
——Crying I am sorry I am so sorry I made you uncomfortable

With my beard that was given to me by a man

                        A god told me

            Wasn’t she the one

                        Happiness is a warm

                                                            Kill your oppressors kill your


I’m sorry, what did you say?


Saam Niami '20