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The Ankh

You are a tree.
Unbreakable spine dusted in silver.
You deserve all love and respect.
Men should bow down for miles at your feet and place Indigo flowers and butterfly wings on your path.
Feel safe in your skin,
it is your only armor.
Kiss it at night and caress it in the morning.
Take your own breath away
and when a man tells you you are beautiful
tell him “I know.”
Know that you are special,
you are allowed to be squishy,
to be bold,
you can break glass,
break jaws,
break hearts,

break promises, but always forgive yourself
if you expect to be forgiven.

Your body is yours and yours only.
Little boys know nothing of ownership
but to break the things given to them.
Let yourself not be broken

unless you like the challenge of rebuilding.
It’s okay to lose yourself sometimes,
to forget your dreams,

to be thrown off track.
As long as you remember where you were headed.
Walk like you are balancing crystals on your crown.
Stomp your feet.
Make noise
Hum your coming home song
and giggle to yourself sweet secrets
the whole way.


Destiny Polk '19
Image: Nadine Ng '19