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Check out Caribbean Week 2014: "Grown from the Same Banana Tree, Hanging on Different Branches"

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Check out Caribbean Week 2014: "Grown from the Same Banana Tree, Hanging on Different Branches"

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Make sure to check out Caribbean Week 2014!!!

Grown from the Same Banana Tree, Hanging on Different Branches

Thursday, 4/3
Convocation and Keynote Address
7 PM- 9 PM
Usdan- Daniel Family Commons
A discussion of the sociopolitical history which created the frame for the diversity in the Caribbean, in addition to the politics which influence the regulation of the natural resources and such. We will hear words from Wesleyan professor of theater, Rashida Shaw, as well as a freshman and senior student. Some food will be provided. Semi-formal dress code.

Friday, 4/4
7 PM – 9 PM
CFA- World Music Hall
Annual Caribbean heritage show. Performances of singing, dancing, music, spoken word and more.

Friday, 4/4
Bajari After Party/ Rep Yuh Flag Party (Co-sponsored by Ujamaa)
10 PM – 2:30 AM
Come out and represent your country, Caribbean or not. Dress in your flag colors from head to toe. Wear your flag if yuh have that much pride!! Music provided by DJ Mr. Sarj. Tickets must be purchased in advance from a CSA representative or free with Bajari ticket ($2 for Wesleyan students, $5 for off-campus guests). Proceeds will benefit Hands for Haiti. Doors close at 11 PM sharp.

Saturday, 4/5
Movements of the Caribbean: A Dance Workshop
Led by Kumina, Kalalu & Caliente
12 PM – 4 PM
Fayerweather 106 & 108
Three of the Caribbean dance groups on campus unite the community through an instructional session of dancing. Kalalu and Kumina will teach participants original Afro-Caribbean dance routines, while Caliente teaches Latino-Caribbean dances. This workshop is open to the Wesleyan community as well as selected Wesleyan-affiliated Middletown afterschool programs area. Please bring a water bottle and comfortable clothes to dance in.

Sunday, 4/6
12 PM – 4 PM
Campus Carnival
A family friendly event open to members of Wesleyan and the larger Middletown community. We will celebrate aspects of Caribbean culture through a day of interactive activities. Planned events will include a variety of arts and crafts sessions, music and dance, a giant obstacle course and a live steel band performance by local band Dee 4 Awee & Co. There will be many opportunities to wins great prizes, including a raffle to raise money for Hands for Haiti.

These events were made possible through Co-sponsorship of: The African American Studies Program, American Studies Department, Center for Community Partnerships, Dance Department, Student Activities and Leadership Development Office and Ujamaa