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Come out to the Inner-City Violence Prevention Film Screening & Panel FEB 8th

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Come out to the Inner-City Violence Prevention Film Screening & Panel FEB 8th

The Ankh

Make sure to come out this panel and film screening! This upcoming Saturday!

The goals of this panel are:
(1) To three-dimensionalize gang/drug related violence that plagues lower income, minority neighborhoods across America
(2) To discuss community-based programs in Chicago addressing this epidemic.
(3) To raise awareness on how we as a community can join in the movement against inner-city violence.

This event will feature a panel discussion with two members of CeaseFire/Cure-Violence (for details see below). They will be joined by three youth leaders from Circles & Ciphers, a leadership development organization for young men of color that combines peacemaking circles and hip-hop to transform legacies.
CEASEFIRE/CURE VIOLENCE: is a Chicago based organization which aims to interrupt gang-violence. Its programming was popularized by the documentary, The Interrupters, and has since been replicated around the world! Almost all employees have been incarcerated (these are ex-gang leaders, drug lords, etc.).

Having shifted perspectives/with a renewed passion for stopping violence, these employees return to the corners where they made a name and convince young men that violence is not ideal (gets in the way of business, leads to more violence, increases police intervention, etc).

Moderating the panel will be Evan Okun ('13), who taught at the Middletown juvenile detention center for 3-years, and now serves as Program Coordinator for Circles & Ciphers.

*****This Event will be followed Saturday Night with an Amazing Poetry Slam at 200 Church at 8pm!!!**********