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Tribute to a Ghanaian Musician

The Ankh

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Activism entails more than just being angry about an issue- as cliché as it sounds, that anger should push us to create changes in the areas that need our changing; Buk Bak did just that. As one of the successful pioneering groups in Ga (spoken in South-eastern Ghana) hip-life, they filled a gap in Ghana's music industry-they changed the game and paved the way for other artists to rap in languages outside Twi (most widely spoken Ghanaian language). They were revolutionaries in their own right. Their activism birthed diversity and added richness to Ghana's music scene. As I listened to some of their songs this morning upon hearing about the death of Ronnie-one half of this dynamic duo, I realized just how much their music had been a part of my growing up. May your family and friends find solace in the legacy you've left. Rest in perfect peace!

Above is a link of one of their HITS! it came out in 1999 I think.