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Student Response to Jane Elliots 'Brown-Eyed Blue-Eyed' Expirements

The Ankh

Recently, Jane Elliots famed 'Brown-Eyed, Blue-Eyed' expirements have been resurfacing on the internet. See what Robert Argueta '14 has to say about the video he found on Worldstar HipHop.

"I feel that racial segregation is a big part of the American Community, mostly based on the fact that historical factors have played a role in Blacks/Hispanics/Latinos being put into these micro-environments that aren't beneficial to anyone of them. This video showed me to appreciate a lot more of who I am as a son of two Salvadorian working class parents. The fact of the matter is that most of the White/Caucasian students who were put into the shoes of Black and Hispanic groups either wept or left the room to avoid being insulted by the teacher. Nonetheless, if you look at us, as the minority group composing these underprivileged groups, we always have to deal with those verbal attacks. Those verbal attacks might not be seen, but they are still there. We see ourselves with no way out of this mess. Overall, we as the ethnic groups composing these minority, should appreciate who we are."