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The Ankh

"Sweet" by Arnelle Williams, '17

Sweet kiss on your lips, sweet tears lightly drip. The taste of salt mixed with the fragrance of sweet pea resembles the confusion i feel. Ambiguous!

 I'm a blind child in the candy store, fooled into thinking I can choose all the dulces I want, but with choice comes a price.

A price I'm confined to a certain limit. Limit hinders the possibility of advancement but never fails the mind of curiosity.

 Eventually curiosity breaks through, shattering glasses and cutting anyone who gets in its way. My curiosity would never shatter you if you showed me your sweetness.

The sweetness where the late nights could never turn into early mornings because you respected my desire to wait, but the sweetness where those eyes cared- they spoke to me everyday with lashes of comfort, desire, and most of all love.

But it seems like you're plucking away each of those lashes, so unique and beautiful in nature. We've been taught biological beginnings like matter, atoms, and molecules.

I'm matter having distinct particles, who for a while made up your atom. But its like your attached to some molecule, I can't compete with that.

It's bigger and stronger than me. But atom, you don't have to be attached because I am here. Isn't that enough? Make that sweet decision because you know I like decisions. They make a person more assertive and show an ability to lead. Would you lead me? Can you lead me?

Now, I hesitantly release from your lips, feeling that last bit of intricate pleasures the mouth and tongue have made. Damn. We taught each other well. But still tasting that ambiguous mixture.

Your tension pulling on mine. Sweetness please come back to me.